Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is it you?

    Have you ever noticed how things that are new to you seem to be mysterious and sometimes even scary to begin using? But then you become more familiar with it. You use it more often.  Eventually, you start "living" it. And then you wake up one day and suddenly realize you have a whole new perspective on what it really is and what you can do with it and maybe even think you can't live without it now. This is how my journey down the road of technology in school and office seems to me. The newest things (at least new to me) never cease to amaze me. Who are these people that develop this stuff and continue to wow us? Are they young, old, boy, girl, alien? Are they US citizens, Asian, other? Are they OUR students? Will they be our students when they get older? CAN they be our students? I hope so! I want to help our students think beyond merely accessing and using technology to play their games, listen to their music, type on their documents, but have a real part in developing and distributing it to help mundane people like myself do my job and have fun doing it. I don't know for sure, but I bet they make some pretty good money at it, too. Here's to the next generation! May you be patient with us.

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