Saturday, January 26, 2013

Will the "real world" please stand up?

  Have you ever heard phrases like these thrown around?: 

"When these kids get to the real world, they're going to need to work on projects, with real deadlines, and no one is going to give them a second chance like we do." 
Really? Their employer will give them meaningless projects to complete? with unrealistic deadlines? and limited resources to work with? not schedule common hours for them to work with other employees? give them multiple projects to do at the same time? and then fire them because they weren't successful or late? Really? Employers can afford to hire and re-hire numerous employees? Really?

"If teachers worked in the real world, they would appreciate things more."
Really? You think I drive slower to work than I do going home? You think I don't work more hours every week than what I am contracted and paid for? You believe I am not thankful to be surrounded by small miracles every day? You think I don't make a difference? Really?

Where IS this "real world" we all proclaim to be so concerned with? Where is this "real world "we are preparing our students to be successful in?  What DOES the "real world" look like?

I'll let you in on a secret. The "real world?" It's on the corner of 199 State Street.

May we all strive to ensure the learning experiences at our school, and in our district, will always be the "real world" for our students.