Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kids Are Like Honeybadger, They Just Don't Care

 It's true. Kids don't care. They don't care about Common Core. They don't care about PARCC. They don't care about OTES, or FIP, or MOAs, or Value-Added. They don't care about AYP, IEPs, or RTI.

And they shouldn't care about those things. Those things should be "invisible" to our students. Our stress should not be their stress. They are too busy to care or understand about those things anyway.

They are more concerned if their bff is waiting for them when they get off of the bus so they can hold hands as they go through the door to start the day. Too busy looking forward to Wednesday because that's Pop-Tart day in the breakfast line. Too busy literally skipping down the hallway on the way to the tech lab because "it's like the coolest place ever." Too busy giving a hug to the teacher waiting for them at the door every morning. Too busy drawing a picture for the "best principal in the whole wide world." Just too busy living and learning everyday.

We as educators get so focused on what we think we need to teach our students, that we sometimes forget we can learn a lesson from them. Before school is out this year, and when I am sure no one is looking and the hallway is empty,  maybe I will skip from one end to the other just to see what it feels like again to be a "kid that doesn't care."