Thursday, November 20, 2014

What do you take for granted?

Dear Staff,

Thanksgiving is that special time of year that allows us to reflect on what we do on a daily basis. I am sure you would probably agree with me when I say that we take so much for granted.

I take for granted a staff who passionately teach to what students need, instead of what has always been done and is most comfortable to themselves.

I take for granted a staff who realize they have to embrace a child with a genuine relationship first and then provide the magic to inspire the learning.

I take for granted a staff who just plain “get it.” A staff that doesn’t complain (too much) and has a reputation for rolling up their sleeves and leading the charge.

I take for granted a staff who trust in what we are doing and depend and support each other in this crazy world of education that we love.

I take for granted the expertise that has been accumulated by this staff and the fountain of knowledge that I can go to and draw from when making decisions that affect our students.

I take for granted cooks who always fill our bellies and add personal touches to holiday treats.

I take for granted custodians who clean up our leftovers everyday.

I take for granted bus drivers who steer our buses safely through the slush and ice.

I take for granted our aides who perform alongside our teachers and support everything we do.

I take for granted the trust that our families have given us in serving their needs.

I take for granted an administrative team that quietly leads and serves day in and day out.

I take for granted coming to work everyday where what we do is making a difference. We have what we have so we’ll continue to do what we do.

I am thankful for each and everyone of you and and have a deep respect for what you are doing.

Happy Thanksgiving!